White Sox

Ozzie Guillén doesn't know why the A's pitched to José Abreu

White Sox

Do your homework.

Don't start left-handed pitchers against the White Sox. And don't continue to pitch to José Abreu when you've thrown two balls, no strikes and first base open.

Our own Ozzie Guillén can't wrap his head around the A's and starting left-hander Jesús Luzardo not walking Abreu in that situation.

And Abreu made them pay with a two-run homer.

Again, what were they thinking?

First, let's reiterate that Abreu is the American League MVP this season. He hasn't won the title, we're just saying he is and should win that award.

And second, do your homework.

It's what Tim Anderson said when he found out the Athletics were starting a left-handed pitcher against the White Sox, who have CRUSHED left-handed pitchers all season.

Anderson has two hits so far, Adam Engel opened the scoring with a home run and of course, Abreu's two-run homer.

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