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They built it and apparently, they’re still coming.

The Field of Dreams Game on Aug. 13 is still happening, and the White Sox will still be a part of it, a source confirmed to NBC Sports Chicago. But because the New York Yankees are no longer on the White Sox 2020 schedule — now reduced to just 60 games — the St. Louis Cardinals will be the opponent in Dyersville, Iowa.

The game was set to be a special event on the 2020 schedule, with the White Sox and Yankees meeting at the filming location of the original "Field of Dreams" movie, which was released in 1989. To play the game, a temporary stadium with a capacity of 8,000 was built on the Dyersville farm where the film took place. Back in mid May, Major League Baseball posted a video on its Instagram page showing that construction was still going on, a hint that the game would still be played.

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It will, just with the Cardinals playing the White Sox instead of the Yankees.

It is not yet known if fans will be able to attend the game, but MLB could allow a small number of fans in the stadium, the source said. Either way, the league hopes the game will be a big draw on television, with FOX set to broadcast the game nationally.

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Under the reduced 60-game schedule, teams are now only playing divisional opponents, plus teams from the same geographical division in the other league. That means the White Sox are only playing teams from the AL Central and the NL Central, leaving the Yankees off the schedule completely. Theoretically, the game could have been played with the Yankees facing either an AL East or NL East opponent, but that would have meant both participating teams traveling farther, which the league is trying to limit while playing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The White Sox and Cardinals are logical opponents, with Dyersville only 200 miles from Chicago and 350 miles from St. Louis.


While the Field of Dreams Game means additional travel for both the White Sox and Cardinals, it also gives fans and players something to look forward to in a season that has been dramatically impacted by the pandemic. The Cardinals were supposed to play a two-game series against the Cubs in London this season, but that was canceled. MLB also lost its annual All-Star Game, which was supposed to be played at Dodger Stadium.

The Field of Dreams Game, always scheduled for Aug. 13, was the only event still left on the calendar. Since they already built it, they might as well come.