In Part 1 of my chat with Sixers guard Jimmy Butler, we talked about his love of Philly fans, the city's history, his pet peeves, taking game-winning shots and much more.

Here's Part 2 with some great questions from Twitter featuring Joel Embiid, books, villains and the explanation behind the minivan.

Twitter question: Who had to drive the minivan from Minneapolis to Philadelphia? And why a minivan?

JB: I got it shipped. It’s real incognito, one. Two, it has a lot of space, but I think that the fact that I watch a lot of film in there in the back is what really did it for me. That’s what really did it for me, and we get to save a little bit on gas. But all in all, its because I get to have everyone in that bad baby, and laugh. That’s my baby.

Serena Winters: What would the name of your autobiography be? 

JB: The Jimmy Butler story, something about how the love turns to hate so quickly. I love that, that one day somebody can like you and the next day, don’t. I think that’s the world for you, and I think that’s why I admire the people that I admire because one day they like you and the next day they don’t, and I’m a fan of that. 


SW: If you could play dominoes with anyone, and at the same time pick their brain, who would it be? 

JB: Harvey Dent.

SW: Favorite book? 

JB: I really enjoyed and I just finished reading, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F--k." I’m telling you, that book is incredible. Right now, I am working on "Ego Is the Enemy," which is another really good one, and after that, the follow up to Ego is "The Obstacle Is the Way." I’ve got a lot of good books. 

Twitter question: Can you understand what Jo says yet?

JB: Yeah. "Give me the [expletive] ball." "He can’t [expletive] guard me."


I get it!

SW: Favorite quote or saying right now? 

JB: "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

SW: One NBA rule you’d want to change?

JB: The whole reviewing of goaltending. I think you’ve got to be able to review every goaltending call, because when you come down to it, I think the game is made by putting the ball into the basket. So, if something is that close and every basket is supposed to be that much more important, games are coming down to one or two possessions now. If you look at every goaltending and say, ‘aww that wasn’t goaltending’ and give them the two points, games would turn out differently. 

Twitter question: Comments that bother NBA players the most? 

JB: It's different for everyone but I don’t like the word soft. Soft is one of them, I tell you one word that you can never use to describe me is soft. 

Twitter question: Inspiration for your hair? And how do you maintain it?

JB: I don’t do too much to it, as you can tell. Long story short, whenever I was little, everyone used to have the 360 waves and all of that, and I wasn’t one for all of that, so I was like, "man, when I get some type of fame, I just have to do something crazy with my crazy ass hair and I just let it grow," and then before you know it, a lot of people wanted to do it.

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