We caught up with one of the newest Sixers, Josh Richardson to chat about everything from his approach to defense, cheesesteaks, favorite hip-hop artists and more! Thanks to all the fans who sent in questions!

Do you prefer spot-up 3s or catch and shoot 3s? What’s your favorite type of shot to take/spot on the floor?

Spots-ups. My favorite spot on the floor is the elbows.

How confident are you in defending the best point guards in the league? What’s your overall approach to defense?

I'm very confident in defending anybody, and my approach to defense is, most of it is, will and passion and you can pretty much figure out everything else from there.

Have you had a cheesesteak yet and from where?

I got a Philly cheesesteak from Dalessandro's. It was excellent. Mayo, ketchup, fried onions, lettuce, and tomato.

Who’s been the most welcoming teammate on the Sixers so far?

Everyone has been welcoming, but I’ve been hanging out with Tobias (Harris) the most. Had dinner at his house a couple of times. 

Do you feel you are one of the more underrated/undervalued players in the league?

I think I've been underrated my whole career a little bit, but it doesn't bother me. A little undervalued, but I'm not worried about it. 

What three players (current or all-time) would you pick to build a team around?

Magic, Michael, Shaq


Favorite rap/hip hop artists of all-time?

Kanye West, Jay-Z, Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa

Which of your former teammates would you want to posterize most?

Bam (Adebayo), cause that’s like my best friend.

What will be your main focus this season? Are you willing to lead the second unit once Ben sits?

My main focus this season is trying to keep my mindset aggressive on both ends of the floor and do whatever I need to give us the best chance to win, and yes, I'm fine with leading that second unit and keeping guys organized, keeping that aggression high.

Any current Sixers that frustrated you during the ’18 playoff series?

Ben Simmons definitely frustrated me, because of his size and athleticism. He's very strong, so it was a tough matchup for me, just from a strength standpoint.

Most underrated frustrating guy to defend in the league?

Bojan Bogdanović. He's always aggressive, tall, and he's efficient.

Do you and Tobias plan to visit any Tennessee basketball games on off days this season? (*both are University of Tennessee alums)

Maybe. Tobias got that new contract, so he might get the private jet for us. We'll have to ask him that.

What do you think of the Philly fans?

Philly fans are passionate about any sport I’ve seen so far, and being on the other side of it was very tough to play here because they are always loud. Always rowdy. I think it will be a great homecourt advantage for us this year. 

What made you become an Arsenal F.C. fan?

FIFA 16. I started playing FIFA and that's my favorite team to play with and they became my favorite team to watch. I watch them every week.

Pancakes or waffles?


How conscious are you of doing the “you know I had to do it to ‘em” pose in LITERALLY every picture?”

I'm conscious of it. It's a fresh pose! I'm always doin' it to em, you know what I'm sayin! I'm a fresh dude, so I've got to pose fresh for pictures. 

A fun fact (pointed out to us by our very own Amy Fadool): Did you know that all of the jersey numbers in the starting unit add up to 100?

I did not know that. That's interesting though, I think me being the zero put us over the top!

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