Super Bowl Eagle sounds mad about NFL's latest postponement


After a smooth first couple weeks of the regular season, the NFL has hit COVID-19 snags, and the postponements are starting to pile up.

The latest was announced Sunday morning when, less than 48 hours before scheduled kickoff, the league moved Broncos vs. Patriots from Monday night to next Sunday:

The Titans' outbreak already wreaked havoc on a number of teams' schedules - including the Steelers, who the Eagles play on Sunday afternoon - and now the Patriots' positive tests are doing the same. 

One former Eagles player, from the historic 2017 Super Bowl squad, isn't very happy with these developments.

Timmy Jernigan, who signed with the Broncos late last month after starting the year with the Jaguars, was ready to play his second game with Denver after a one-snap debut in Week 4, but now he'll have to wait until next Sunday. On Instagram, Jernigan seemed none too pleased:

It's hard to blame Jernigan, and any other players who have been following the league's COVID-19 protocols, for being frustrated with all these postponements. Imagine you're being responsible outside the team facilities, but you're still unable to play because of what other people are doing. I certainly wouldn't be happy. 

Jernigan, 28, has had a rocky last few seasons since his Super Bowl campaign with the Birds. He played just 13 games in his final two seasons with the Eagles because of injuries, and has played just 55 defensive snaps so far this year.

Major League Baseball had its own share of struggles early on, before the positive tests seemed to cool down. Here's hoping the same thing happens in the NFL, and we can put all of this behind us.