Eagles rookie Driscoll just doesn’t want to let his teammates down


The Eagles will have their 11th different offensive line combination in 12 games when they take on the Packers on Sunday afternoon.

The only difference this week is that Jack Driscoll will be back starting at right tackle like he was for the season opener.

Now that his right ankle has healed enough, the Eagles have put the fourth-round pick back into the lineup and will see how he handles playing in the final five games of the season with Lane Johnson out for the year.

Driscoll is one of several rookies who will have an expanded role down the stretch and he just doesn’t want to let his teammates down.

“You know we're rookies but that doesn't mean that we can't make an impact and that we can't help this team win games,” Driscoll said. “I think a lot of us out there, we all have that mindset that when our number is called we gotta be ready. And because it is a year where there's been a lot of injuries around the league and when it is our time to go, we gotta go out there, we can't let the team down.

“You know I'm playing with guys, you said next to [Jason Peters]. I don't want to let J.P. or (Jason) Kelce down. You know those are guys who have done so much for the city of Philadelphia, for this organization. I want to go in there and just, you know, I said not miss a beat and just don't want to let anyone down.”


Driscoll, 23, has started two games already this year. He was the starter in the opener and also started against Baltimore. He wasn’t able to play the entire game in either of those starts. This season he has already suffered knee and ankle injuries.

That ankle injury kept him out of the lineup recently but he says he feels fine now and is ready to get back on the field.

In Week 1, Driscoll started next to Nate Herbig and in Week 6, he started next to Jamon Brown.

But on Sunday, he’ll be next to a potential future Hall of Famer in Peters. He has enjoyed getting to work with the 38-year-old veteran.

"It's awesome,” Driscoll said. “[Peters] is a guy who's been around the league for 17 years and his résumé speaks for itself, obviously. He's just one of those guys to where he knows so many tricks, he'll just say, 'Hey, you know do this or watch this,' and you know you're obviously listening to a guy who's a Hall of Fame caliber player. It's great. I grew up watching him and you know big-time matchups and shut some of the elite edge rushers down for years. So, it's awesome to play with him. He's extremely knowledgeable, he's someone who communicates well and I'm looking forward to the opportunity."

The Eagles took Driscoll in the fourth round out of Auburn and he has the potential to stick here long term as a versatile backup. He played tackle and guard in college and even learned how to snap during this year’s pre-draft process. Eventually, Johnson should be back next season, which means Driscoll will be heading back to the bench.

But these last five games could be huge for the rookie to get experience. The next time they need him to play in future years, that might come in handy.

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