Howie Roseman said he's still the starter. Doug Pederson said he isn't going to play any less. And Carson Wentz said he's handling everything really well.

What does LeGarrette Blount think?

Immediately after the Eagles traded for running back Jay Ajayi, it was fair to wonder what Blount thought of the move. It was fair to wonder if it meant his role was going to decrease. It was fair to wonder if he was worried about his standing with the team.

So what was his initial reaction to the deal?

"There was no reaction," Blount said Wednesday afternoon by his locker. "I can only control what I can control. That's a decision that was made from up top. I can't say that I have any influence.

"I can't go up there and say 'don't make this trade (or) do make this trade.' I don't control any of that. I just control what I can do out there. Focus on what I have to focus on and make sure that I'm ready for the game on Sunday."

When asked specifically if he is concerned about losing snaps or carries with the addition of Ajayi to the roster, Blount said it was a question he couldn't answer.

He claimed he is just worried about what he can control.

"Just grind every day like I've been doing," Blount said, "and the touches will come."

Blount said he learned of the move from position coach Duce Staley, head coach Doug Pederson and de facto GM Howie Roseman. Blount said the Eagles are going to "welcome (Ajayi) with open arms."


After making the trade Tuesday, Roseman came out at his press conference and said despite the addition of Ajayi, Blount would remain the team's starter. Pederson didn't say anything to dispel that notion Wednesday.

"It means a lot," Blount said. "As far as respect-wise, just acknowledging the fact that I worked my tail off all offseason for this organization. It just shows a lot of character and they're true to their word."

Blount, 30, is off to a pretty good start this season. He has 467 yards on 100 carries (4.7 average) and two touchdowns.

Since the start of last season, there are seven players who have rushed for over 1,600 yards. With Ajayi and Blount, the Eagles have two.

On a one-year deal, this move could be bad for Blount in the long-term, especially because Ajayi is still cheap in 2018 on his rookie contract and is just 24 years old.

But Blount has been a "tremendous team guy," according to Roseman. And Wentz said Blount seemed excited about the move.

"You can never have enough depth," Blount said. "You can never have enough depth at any position. Obviously, [Ajayi is] somebody who can contribute to our team. He's somebody that can help us a lot."