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Eagles' Tim Jernigan fined for horse-collar tackle on Kareem Hunt

Tim Jernigan somehow didn't get a penalty for the tackle last Sunday, but he couldn't escape punishment from the NFL. 

Jernigan was fined $18,231 for his horse-collar tackle on Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt early in the third quarter at Arrowhead Stadium.

On the play, Jernigan used his left hand to grab the back of Hunt's jersey, above his nameplate, and dragged him downward until he tossed him out of bounds like a rag doll following an 11-yard gain. It was a pretty clear horse-collar. 

Plenty of Hunt's teammates on the sideline called for a flag but it never came. Jernigan didn't argue back. He simply turned around and started walking back toward the Eagles' defensive huddle. 

While Jernigan's wallet will be a little lighter after the fine, the Eagles seem happy with the product he's put on the field during the first two weeks. Through two games, he has six combined tackles and 1½ sacks. 

"He's done good in the run game, he's been a factor in the pass game, and he plays tough," defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said earlier this week. "He's a physical player. I like the temperament he plays with on the field, also."