The Sixers' new assistant coach once said he 'hates' the Sixers


The Sixers are beginning to strengthen Doc Rivers' coaching staff, as ESPN's Tim Bontemps reports that the team is bringing former Indiana Pacers assistant coach Dan Burke aboard.

Burke's name is actually familiar to Sixers fans. He went on a big anti-Sixers and anti-Joel Embiid tirade last December.

"I hate [the Sixers]," Burke said. "I think Embiid gets away with a ton of crap the league ignores."

Yikes, Dan. Yikes. I would lie low for a while and wait a couple of months before heading to Tony Luke's or Philip's Steaks to get your first taste of Philly.

Given that Embiid is the best player on the team he currently coaches, we're going to chalk that one up as a bad look for Burke. To be a fly on the wall during the Sixers' first practice in Camden when Burke and Embiid meet. I hope Burke is doing an instructional defensive drill and Embiid just yams the ball in his grill.

Embiid doesn't appear to be the type of player who forgets that level of slander. I do, however, trust a good locker room guy like Rivers to smooth over any friction there may be between Embiid and Burke.

Philadelphians hold a grudge like no other though. With Brett Brown gone and Daryl Morey in power, Sixers fans need a new scapegoat to attach all their problems to. With his rant against the Sixers lingering in fans' minds, I wouldn't be shocked if Burke, the new de facto defensive coordinator, becomes that figure in Philly.


UPDATE: Joel Embiid has chimed in on the Burke hire on Twitter:

Classic Joel.

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