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Chris Long tells hilarious story of Michael Bennett being very cheap with the Eagles

Chris Long tells hilarious story of Michael Bennett being very cheap with the Eagles

Former Eagles defense lineman Michael Bennett retired from the NFL this week after a widely successful 11-year career in the league.

Fellow former Birds lineman Chris Long dedicated a segment on his podcast to shout Bennett out, and he came prepared with a few hilarious anecdotes from their single overlapping season as teammates here in Philly.

Like this story, in which Long explains just how much Bennett - who earned $59 million during his career - liked to avoid spending money: 

Mike is extremely frugal, despite his decade-long-plus earnings in the NFL. He never wanted to wait for an Uber, and I was always really late at the facility doing work. He would stay an extra hour just to hitch a ride home into town. He'd be like, 'Hey, you leaving soon?' And I knew what this game was. I'd be like, 'Why don't you just take an Uber?' I go, 'You're gonna wait an hour?' And he's like, 'Yeah, I'll just wait right here.' I couldn't shake him. Me and Mike probably logged about 30 hours in that car.

That's some serious dedication!

It's no surprise that Bennett, a smart dude, was particular and careful about his money. Plenty of well-paid athletes still wind up without much left in the bank after their playing days. Bennett isn't going to be one of them.

It also helps that Bennett is trying on a number of different hats outside of football, including political commentator for CNN - and author.

Long said he and Bennett used to talk about Bennett writing a book, and Long had an idea based on the pair's jockeying in the trenches:

You've got to check out his book - 'Things That Make White People Uncomfortable' I think is the name of the book, by Michael Bennett. I used to give him s**t about how he should write a book called 'Things That Make White Pass Rushers Uncomfortable' because he would be in my f*****g gap, like six inches inside my alignment. [...] It was like a match made in hell, sometimes, as far as lining up next to each other, but we enjoyed so much of it because we were just two guys that spent a lot of time together.

Long and Bennett combined for 15.5 sacks that year, so the match made in hell still worked on the football field. Also, I think I'd read both of those books.

It's always fun to hear these kinds of stories from former Eagles, which just reinforces the kind of camaraderie that the organization's culture tends to foster.

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Chris Long calls DeSean Jackson's posts a 'f---ing disaster'

Chris Long calls DeSean Jackson's posts a 'f---ing disaster'

Former Eagles defensive end Chris Long called DeSean Jackson’s social media posts citing fake Hitler quotes a “f—ing disaster” during his most recent Green Light podcast.

Long, who starred on the 2017 Eagles Super Bowl team, retired last May after an 11-year career. He and Jackson were never teammates.

But Long said he’s met Jackson and has always liked him but condemned Jackson’s posts and also said he was disappointed more people haven’t denounced Jackson over the last several days.

Long's popular weekly podcast is ranked No. 3 in the country among NFL podcasts according to Apple Podcasts.

Some excerpts from Long’s five-minute response in response to a question from a listener named In the Sky:

His initial reaction: “Quoting Hitler is really bad business but quoting fake Hitler quotes is like a cherry on top. I don’t know if it would be worse if you quoted a real one or the fake one.”

On people defending DeSean: “Maybe I don’t get it. I saw a ton of people defending him on Twitter somehow, which is another reason why Twitter sucks. … The guy made a mistake. It’s a bad mistake. … He talked bad about Jewish people and somehow managed to use a fake Hitler quote doing it and that is a f---ing disaster.”

On disappointment with the reaction he’s seen: “I can’t speak for the many people in the media or on Twitter who kind of bite their tongue on this thing, because when it comes to anit-semitism it’s not in vogue to denounce it or they have some political inclination that complicates denouncing it, but I think it’s f---ed up, unequivocally. … It doesn’t seem like it’s in vogue to call out anti-semitism. We’re not so keen on that. I don’t know what it is, but it seems like we’re not allowed to say, ‘Hey that’s not good.’ It’s not good. It’s wrong and I’m sure I have Jewish listeners and I haven’t seen nearly enough people saying, ‘Yeah, man, this was a mis-step.’”

On what he hopes happens next: ”We want people to change. It doesn’t look like he’s going to get cut, and that’s fine, I’m not saying he should, but he’s a role model and we gave it to Drew Brees pretty hard for being at the very best extremely tone deaf, and certainly anti-semitism is not the main event in this country, but we can walk and chew gum here. …  Hopefully DeSean learns from it from people outside the building. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but not a lot of Jewish guys playing at the NFL level. I’m sure he has a lot of Jewish fans who are disappointed. I think he’s better than that and I hope he’s learned from it.”

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John Kruk unknowingly texted George Brett for a year about ... ribs

John Kruk unknowingly texted George Brett for a year about ... ribs

Two of the most entertaining former Philly athletes to listen to in their post-playing days sat down for a podcast this week and the resulting 45-minutes or so do not disappoint.

Phillies legend John Kruk joined Super Bowl champion Chris Long on his Green Light podcast (language NSFW) to talk all things related to MLB restarting during a pandemic — Kruk likes pitchers having to face three batters, doesn’t care for the DH — but of course they mixed in some classic Kruk tales.

All-time baseball great George Brett came up in the conversation for … curious reasons (you just have to listen to get the full context).

“George Brett and my dad are buddies,” Long said. “I had no idea, I had a little signed baseball from him, I thought he was the nicest guy in the world. Apparently, he just [pooped his pants] all the time. What’s up with that?”

“Maybe he was just really proud of his bowel movements,” Kruk joked. “I love George.”

Pretty weird! But then Kruk tells a hilarious story about the Royals’ legend.

I got this buddy in Kansas City that does ribs. So every time I come to Kansas City he brings me ribs, in the booth or wherever. He said, ‘Hey next year when you come, I’m not going to be in town but I’ll have my guy George bring you some stuff.’ So I’m texting this guy George for almost a year. So we go back to Kansas City the next year, and I get a text. ‘Hey, I’ll be up, I got some ribs for you. We also caught some salmon we smoked for you, we made a dip out of it, I’ll bring you some crackers, etc.’ I said, ‘Shoot, that’s great.’ I asked him if he needed credentials to get in the announcers booth. He said, “Nah, I think I’m good.’ I was texting George Fricking Brett for a year and didn’t know it. Now every time he texts me, he says, ‘This is George, Mitch’s [the rib guy] partner.’

It's good to be John Kruk and have Hall of Famer's as your rib connect.

Long also asked Kruk his thoughts on the unwritten rules in baseball and how his opinion may have changed from his playing days to now.

“I hated it when I played," Kruk said. "But I came up in an era when you had Nolan Ryan and Pedro Martinez, guys who weren’t afraid to throw at your head when you did something stupid. But I started talking to more pitchers the last few years — I was always against the pimping a home run — the pitchers are like, ‘if he hits it good, I don’t really care.’ So I started thinking if the pitchers don’t care, why should I? Some of them are pretty comical, the bat flips and the whole deal. The only thing I don’t like is if a guy hits a home run and he wings his bat over towards the other team’s dugout. If he just stands there and watches it, flips the bat, I could give a rats’ ass anymore.”

They finish off with a lightning round of questions where Kruk admits back in the day, he could probably polish off 30+ beers in one sitting. That is a lot.

You can listen to the whole thing here.