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Eagles WRs coach Gunter Brewer making impact with energy, crazy sayings

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Eagles WRs coach Gunter Brewer making impact with energy, crazy sayings

Gunter Brewer left the South. The South didn’t leave him. 

That much was undeniable as the Eagles took the field with their new energetic wide receivers coach this spring. 

Brewer, who took the place of new offensive coordinator Mike Groh, has already made an immediate impact on the Eagles’ group of wide receivers with his energy, his attention to detail, his southern drawl (he’s from Columbus, Mississippi) and … his sayings. 

Especially his sayings. 

“He’s just a country guy,” said Mack Hollins, who was also coached by Brewer at North Carolina. “That’s who he is, through and through. He has sayings. Crazy sayings that nobody understands.”

Crazy sayings that nobody understands? 

Go on. 

Hollins picked his favorite: “When something’s like, from way back in the day or you haven’t done something in a while, he’ll say, ‘You haven’t done that since Moby Dick was a minnow.’”

OK, that’s pretty good. For Hollins, he’s heard most of these before, so he doesn’t get much out of them. But he does enjoy seeing his teammates react the first time a good one pops out. 

“He says some crazy stuff, man,” undrafted rookie Tim Wilson said. 

Bryce Treggs didn’t have to think about his favorite for very long. Brewer has a special name for a top-down read. 

“He calls it a Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras read … top down,” Treggs said mimicking someone removing their top. It takes a second … got it? Good. Moving on. 

“He’ll say some stuff like that to get our attention.”

For Shelton Gibson, he likes the image Coach Brew elicits when a player sort of tiptoes on a bubble screen. Brewer calls it crawfish. 

Wilson really enjoys the way the receivers break down their group. 

“We always break it down on freak time,” Wilson said. “He says, ‘Freak time,’ we say, ‘Showtime.’ ‘Freak time!’ ‘Showtime!’ ‘Freak time!’ ‘Showtime!’ ‘Freeeeaak time! Shoooowtime!’”

That seems to be a favorite for a lot of receivers. Hollins even had little yellow caution signs around his locker last week warning of freaks in the area. 

“I don’t know [what it means],” veteran newcomer Mike Wallace said. “We just roll with it. We freaks of nature. And it’s our time. Showtime, baby. So when we out there, it’s always showtime.”

It was obviously pretty important for the Eagles to find the right replacement for Groh, who became the team’s offensive coordinator. Remember, Groh did a masterful job in 2017 after one year of Greg Lewis. Brewer has coached at the collegiate level for over 30 years, most recently as the receivers coach/co-offensive coordinator at UNC. 

It has been pretty clear Brewer, at the very least, has brought a new energy to the practice field. Here he is assaulting his players (just kidding). 

Just last week when asked about Brewer, Doug Pederson marveled at how the receivers have already begun to gravitate to him. It’s not hard to figure out why. 

Sometimes it is hard to pick a favorite saying though. Greg Ward couldn’t pick just one — “There’s so many,” he said, calling over Wilson to brainstorm before giving up — but he enjoys them all. 

“He has great high energy,” Treggs said. “It’s hard to come in and be dragging around, not be in a good mood as soon as you come into the meeting room, he has the most energy in the room and he’s the oldest dude in the room. So for him to have that energy, we all kind of feed off of that.”

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Eagles hire new WRs coach from college ranks

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Eagles hire new WRs coach from college ranks

The Eagles have found Mike Groh's replacement and they went outside the organization to find him. 

Gunter Brewer, from the University of North Carolina, is being hired as the Eagles' new wide receivers coach, a league source confirmed to NBC Sports Philadelphia. first reported the hire.

Brewer had been the receivers coach and co-offensive coordinator at UNC for the last five years, but has been at UNC for the last 10. Brewer obviously coached last year's fourth-round pick Mack Hollins, who will enter his second season with the Eagles in 2018. 

Brewer will take over for Groh, who has been promoted to offensive coordinator after Frank Reich took the head coaching job with the Colts. 

Before he went to North Carolina, Brewer coached six seasons at Oklahoma State, where he coached Dez Bryant and Justin Blackmon. He also coached Hall of Famer Randy Moss while at Marshall in the late 90s. 

His UNC bio states that he's coached 17 players who went on to play professional football. 

In addition to coaching at UNC, Oklahoma State and Marshall, Brewer has also coached at Ole Miss, NE Mississippi CC and East Tennessee State. This will be Brewer's first job in the NFL. 

Brewer will also be the Eagles' fourth receivers coach in four years. Bob Bicknell left along with Chip Kelly. In 2016, Greg Lewis took over. After Lewis was fired, Groh got the job for last season.