At least Eagles realize they need to get Dallas Goedert involved

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At least Eagles realize they need to get Dallas Goedert involved

I was ready to write a column saying the Eagles would be crazy if they don’t find a way to get Dallas Goedert more involved in the offense. 

I was ready to write that my head might explode if I see Josh Perkins continue to get more run with the Eagles’ offense than the guy the Eagles used their first pick on in this last draft. 

I was ready to write that it would be malpractice if Doug Pederson and the Eagles’ offensive coaches refused to switch things up and get out of 11 personnel to get him involved more. 

But it turns out they agree with me. 

Here was offensive coordinator Mike Groh on Tuesday: 

We have a talented player in Dallas, and we need to find more ways, as you stated, to get him involved. We need to get him involved more. We had some extenuating circumstances the other day, for a variety of reasons. He just wasn't in there in the spots where we were getting the ball to. We're going to continue to try to monitor that and make sure that he is going to help us win games here.

It was probably pretty infuriating for fans Sunday to watch Perkins get more snaps than Goedert. After the game, I asked Pederson why that was and he gave me a pretty long and confusing answer (see story).

Basically, the gist of the reasoning was that Perkins is a converted wide receiver, so when Mike Wallace went down, the Eagles felt more comfortable letting him run those routes in that version of 12 personnel. That makes some sense, but I’d argue that you gotta get your best players on the field and if an injury happens, you’d be better off adjusting. 

Whatever, though. Week 2 is gone. Nothing we can do about that anymore. 

But in Week 3, no matter who the Eagles bring in at wideout, it makes sense to get Goedert more involved. Through two weeks, the talented rookie has one catch on just three targets. That’s not enough. 

The good news is that it would stand to reason that, as the Eagles game plan this week without Wallace, Goedert will be more involved offensively. 

“I think there’s a good chance that all three of us play quite a bit this week,” Goedert said. “But like I said before, it’s ultimately coach’s decision. I just have to do what I can when I’m on the field.”

For what it’s worth, Goedert said he feels pretty comfortable about his ability in the NFL; he didn’t think the game is moving too fast or anything. And he also thinks he’s on the same page with Carson Wentz, who will make his 2018 debut Sunday. 

The Eagles could help Wentz out by getting their best players on the field. That should include Goedert.

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With Carson Wentz back, you can feel the buzz in Philadelphia

With Carson Wentz back, you can feel the buzz in Philadelphia

The buzz inside the Eagles’ NovaCare Complex is already palpable this week. It’s the kind of buzz that comes with the news that the franchise quarterback is ready to go.

That feeling inside the building in the two days since the announcement is pretty much the same feeling outside it. Forget the other injuries and holes on the roster, there’s just a ton of energy around the return of No. 11.

So much so that the Eagles lost a tough game Sunday … and you couldn’t even tell. It really didn’t even seem like it mattered. 

A few players already told me there was a similar sense inside the locker room. Even though the Eagles were disappointed about losing a game, the optimism was already winning out just the day after the 27-21 loss in Tampa. 

It’s almost the complete opposite of the feeling last Dec. 10 when Wentz went down with the torn ACL and LCL. In that game at the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Eagles actually clinched the NFC East but it didn’t feel like it. Eventually, the Birds snapped out of their misery and regrouped in time for the playoff run, but it was a long plane ride home back to Philly. 

That’s the kind of juice Wentz brings to the city, inside and outside of the locker room. Win, but lose him, and everyone’s down. Lose, but get him back, who cares about the loss? 

And now that we know Wentz will make his 2018 debut, it’s like the entire locker room, the entire city is re-energized. 

“Get that energy back, get that swagger back,” right tackle Lane Johnson said. “We know what kind of a player he is, more of a leader in the locker room for us. When he’s out there doing his job, it just energizes the whole team.”

There are some obvious questions about what kind of player Wentz will be in his return after a 9½-month wait. Even Doug Pederson admitted there will probably be some rust. Johnson disagrees; he expects Wentz to hit the ground running. 

That’s the type of optimism that follows this guy around. 

Toward the end of last season, the Eagles’ identity as a team became centered around the idea of being the underdogs and that didn’t happen until they lost Wentz for the season and folks started counting them out. But before that, the team’s identity was Wentz. He was the reason they got off to such a hot start. His swagger rubbed off on the entire team. 

Jason Kelce was asked if he expected the Linc to have more juice this week because of Wentz’s return. The veteran center said the Linc is always buzzing. 

But it might be just a little different in the stadium Sunday. 

It certainly is everywhere else in the city this week.

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Eagles setting up workout with Jeremy Maclin

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Eagles setting up workout with Jeremy Maclin

The Eagles already brought in Jordan Matthews for a workout Tuesday and it looks like they’re not done looking at receivers who know this offense. 

Now, the Eagles are setting up a workout with Jeremy Maclin, a source close to Maclin told NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark. 

But the source told Clark the workout might need to be next week because Maclin’s leg is hurting. That might help the Eagles in the coming weeks, but it won’t help them Sunday against the Colts. 

Earlier this month, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Maclin has been nursing a hamstring injury. 

Maclin, 30, obviously has familiarity with the Eagles’ offense — at least the basics — after his years in Philadelphia and Kansas City. With just three healthy receivers on their roster, the Eagles are clearly in search of a quick fix. 

Last season, Maclin played in 12 games (12 starts) for the Ravens. He caught 40 passes for 440 yards and three touchdowns. He spent the previous two years in Kansas City with Andy Reid. He played just 12 games in 2016 too because of a torn groin. He was cut that June. 

Maclin’s best NFL seasons came in 2014 and 2015, his last year in Philly and his first year in Kansas City. 

In 2014, Maclin caught 85 passes for 1,318 yards and 10 touchdowns. That earned him a five-year deal in Kansas City. In his first season there, he caught 87 passes for 1,088 yards and eight touchdowns.  

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