Photos courtesy of Zack Hill

The Charles Barkley-Ron Hextall bromance has reached the gift level

Charles Barkley and Ron Hextall are two of the most beloved Philadelphia athletes of all time. They both happened to play during the same era of Philly sports, so it's no surprise they have a mutual respect for each other.

You may recall earlier this year when Chuck mentioned his Hextall fandom: "I started following hockey actually in Birmingham, Alabama," Barkley said. "They had a team called the Bulls back in the day. That was my first recollection of hockey. Then when I got to Philadelphia, my favorite hockey player of all time is Ron Hextall. I got to know him and Eric Lindros going to a bunch of Flyers games."

The former Flyers goalie-turned-GM was flattered initially.

"I laughed when I heard that," Hextall told reporters in June. "We had a bit of a relationship back in the day. He was at a lot of our games obviously. There's a mutual respect there. I certainly liked the way Charles played — a hard game, very emotional, gave it all he had out on the court."

"I'm honored to be talked about by Charles for sure."

Well, now the relationship has taken the next step to the gifting stage of the bromance.

Sir Charles was a guest on the Mike Missanelli Show on Tuesday and they had a personalized Hextall jersey all ready for him. Ron even wrote a nice little note to go along with his autograph.

(Pictures from Zack Hill, Philadelphia Flyers.)