Gritty shirts were doled out Monday night, so grit was all over the Wells Fargo Center (yes, fans probably wanted to see more of it on the ice).

To punctuate this special night for the Flyers' mascot, the fuzzy orange fella was his own kind of special.

And should we have expected anything less?

During the first intermission, he was full-out clotheslining humans in sumo wrestler uniforms.

He even kicked one. Totally cool.

Then, during second intermission, he was none too pleased with a penalty called on him during the "Mites On Ice" action.

He threw a fit in the sin bin, creating a whole mess.

If only we all attacked Mondays like Gritty.

The Flyers lost, 4-1, to the Avalanche, but the fans got shirseys and Gritty was Gritty.

Could have been worse.


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