NBA fans everywhere had their eyes on Joel Embiid's social media accounts once the news of Bryan Colangelo's departure from the Sixers' organization broke.

What would Joel say? How would he roast the departed president of basketball operations he poked fun at just a couple of days prior in a hilarious tweet.

But the tweets never came.

TMZ caught up with Embiid and got him to comment on Colangelo's departure. His take was measured rather than celebratory.

"He was a great guy. He did a great job for us, so I wish him luck," Embiid said. 

The TMZ camera person also asked Joel if Colangelo's departure meant the process was starting over. Any longtime Sixers fan would be able to predict Embiid's answer to that.

"The process is never starting over and it's never going to be over," Embiid told them. "There's a process for everything. It takes a lot to get where you wanna go and that's the process."'

"So, it's never gonna be over, it's never gonna restart."

You can watch the full interaction below.