Not only did Ben Simmons ditch the boot and put on a pair of sneakers at the Sixers' practice in Camden yesterday, the rookie also took to his Instagram Live page to share a number of updates with the 4,000 or so fans (and teammates) who were watching.

Ben wasn't shy about showing off the spectacular views from his appartment of City Hall in Center City. His pad -- and little kitty -- looked pretty chill. Simmons was playing the Grand Theft Auto video game while thousands of people watched.

Obviously fans wanted to know about the foot.

Simmons said -- and I'm paraphrasing here because I was also watching it live on my phone -- that there have been no setbacks and that the foot is doing well. He's in the gym everyday and was planning to be there again today bright and early.

Simmons was asked who he was buddies with on the team and pointed to Dario Saric and Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot.

Then another one of his pals popped up his feed and asked him for his thoughts on The Process.

"How do you feel about The Process?" Embiid asked.

Now, I forget the exact wording he used, but I'm pretty sure he said Embiid was a "beast" when he's out on the floor. He also said we all better watch out for all of the dimes that are going to be dropped when Simmons and The Process finally team up.

Embiid liked the "dimes" answer.

I could only watch Ben Simmons' face as he played video games for so long, but apparently I missed out on some other Embiid hijinx on Simmons feed.

Embiid also popped up on the live feed for his internet frenemy Chandler Parsons to ask him if he was a virgin.

He later asked Simmons if he was a virgin and pointed out that "Chandler Parsons is." Ha.

No word on Simmons' response.