In number stumper, LeGarrette Blount reunited with No. 29

In number stumper, LeGarrette Blount reunited with No. 29

LeGarrette Blount got a surprise Saturday morning when he entered the Eagles' locker room. 

He got his number back. 

From the time Blount was signed in mid-May, the veteran running back has worn No. 35 on his jersey. Now, he's back to the No. 29, which he wore in New England. 

"Oh yeah man, I'm excited about it," he said. "I'm just happy that I got it back. I'm happy that things worked out for the best. I don't know how it happened. I just know I came in here and I had 29."

Blount said he didn't know why the number switched today and he didn't have to make any kind of deal with Terrence Brooks, who had worn 29 until Saturday. 

Perhaps the acquisition of cornerback Ronald Darby spurred the action. While Brooks now wears 24, Darby took Blount's old No. 35. 

Blount said an equipment man took his shoulder pads and brought them back to him with the 29 jersey attached. 

"I know he loves to have that number," Brooks said. "To me, it doesn't matter what number I have. That's something special to him. That's never been a number I've worn in the past, so it really doesn't matter to me. Twenty-four looks good. I'll rock it and do what I can with it."

One thing is for sure. Blount wasn't feeling 35. 

"Nah," he said smiling. "Nah, I wasn't going to keep that."

Blount has worn a different number in the past. During his time with Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh, he wore 27, but that number is owned in Philly by defensive leader Malcolm Jenkins and he likely wasn't going to give it up. 

There's nothing superstitious about the No. 29 for Blount. He just likes it. 

"I've had it for a long time," he said. "I just enjoy having it. I had it with New England. I just like the number. I just like the number, that's all."

Philly fans continue to court LeBron James with airplanes over NBA Draft

Philly fans continue to court LeBron James with airplanes over NBA Draft

Billboards are so last season.

It's 2018 after all so if you want to get LeBron James' attention you need to take your courting game to new heights and that's exactly what one contingent of Sixers fans did today.

With the NBA Draft taking place up in Brooklyn, New York this evening some intrepid group of Philly fans hired not one, not two, but three airplanes carrying banners all related to #PhillyWantsLeBron.

The first banner has the No. 23 with a little king crown over it, followed by a plus sign and an emoji of the liberty bell, with that all adding up to a goat emoji (greatest of all time). The second banner says "strive for goatness" and the third features the #PhillyWantsLeBron hashtag.

You can watch our video of those three planes flying in Brooklyn above.

They appear to be quite similar to billboards that popped up in Cleveland last season which were paid for by a Philly area company called Power Home Remodeling. That company posted the below video to its YouTube account this afternoon.

LeBron responded to those back in February and called them "very flattering" and the fact that other cities wanting him to play there is "dope."

As of June 21, the Sixers are still the second-favorite to land LeBron at +450 but the Lakers are a very heavy favorite at -150. Those numbers are according to BetOnline. Cleveland (+500), Boston (+700), and Houston (+800) round out the top five destinations for King James.

Aspiring astronaut Joel Embiid found Eric Jr. tweets funny

NBC Sports Philly

Aspiring astronaut Joel Embiid found Eric Jr. tweets funny

One of the sad things about the NBA offseason is that we don't get quite as much Joel Embiid in our lives on a regular basis.

Sure, he'll pop up at a local basketball court every now and then or maybe at a charity soccer event but we don't get to see him on our television every third day or so. That's a bummer for trusters of the process.

Thankfully, Vulture's Nate Jones caught up with Jojo the other day to ask him about some of the more eventful moments of the offseason thus far, such as Bryan Colangelo's burner accounts and his playground antics.

Embiid's answers rarely disappoint.

Jones: One of the things you’re famous for doing in the off-season is dunking on five-foot-tall white guys. Are you going to be doing more of that this summer?

Embiid: I don’t know. That’s not something I wake up in the morning like, I’m gonna go to the court and dunk on people. It’s just usually I go do my regular stuff, play tennis, and then some random fans happen to be talking shit, so then I gotta teach them a lesson. And that’s what I do.

I love it so much. Jo just has to teach fools a lesson. So that's what he does.

When asked about Colangelo's burner accounts, he calls Eric Jr., "my boy" and says he enjoyed the collar tweets: "The collar tweets were actually really fun. I enjoyed that one. Those were funny."

There's some other funny stuff mixed in, so go check out the whole Q&A, and be happy that these words actually came out of Joel Embiid's mouth:

I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut.

Are you listening, Elon Musk? Make it happen. But not until he retires in 17 years. Maybe he can head up Donald Trump's Space Force at that point. Nobody would mess with Joel Embiid in space.

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