It was a remarkably painful experience for Eagles fans sitting at home in Philadelphia as they watched the Birds allow the Titans to scrap back and eventually win, 26-23, in overtime.

It had to be even more brutal for the throngs of Philly fans who made the trek to Tennessee in hopes of watching the Birds pick up a road victory.

And then there are the Eagles fans who paid big money to get primo seats in the first row. A few of them had to deal with the Titans players rubbing this one in their faces.

Once Corey Davis caught the game-winning touchdown, a gaggle of Titans players made their way to the sideline where a number of Eagles fans could be seen in the first row. Titans players pointed at them and did the mock bird-flapping celebration.

The Eagles didn't deserve to win in Tennessee, but that doesn't make watching the other team rub it in your faces any more enjoyable.

NBC Sports Philadelphia's John Clark was on the sidelines and captured the painful moment. You can watch it below.

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