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The real story of Andy Reid eating three steaks at dinner with Jeff Lurie

The real story of Andy Reid eating three steaks at dinner with Jeff Lurie

Jeffrey Lurie raised some eyebrows recently when he told the tale of an early interview dinner with Andy Reid in which the rotund coach ordered not one, not two, but THREE steaks.

That's some John Candy in the Great Outdoors stuff right there, folks. 

Except Coach Reid doesn't exactly remember it that way.

Reid joined ESPN's Adam Schefter on his podcast and talked about the old steak tale.

"That's what he said? He's too funny," Reid said. "Well, I might have. It might have been for Joe, Jeffrey, and Andy. Other than that, I don't remember ordering three steaks. I'll take credit for it though."

We're going to call a timeout and throw a challenge flag on that one.

While doing an appearance with WIP's Angelo Cataldi and the Morning team Rich Furino, Regional VP of Del Friscos confirmed Reid's triple steak order.

Afterwards, CSNPhilly's Marshall Harris captured Furino retelling the story.

Harris, who learned about the story while on the 94 WIP morning show,  waded through the gristle to get to the heart of the matter. Furino who remembers the order well.

"Basically, when the server comes up and gives their speel, they describe the different cuts of meat, flavor profiles, and textures, he described them to Andy and said, 'Would you like the ribeye, the New York strip, or the filet mignon?' And Andy said, 'Yes.' Like yes to all three. That's kind of how it got started. They put all three in front of him. He put down about 90% of them."

He estimates it's about 50 ounces of steak.

Rumor has it Del Frisco's is talking about the possibility of creating an "Andy Reid Trio" of those three steaks.

Highlights from Jeff Lurie's state of the team address

Highlights from Jeff Lurie's state of the team address

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie on Thursday held an impromptu press conference and addressed several topics. In case you missed any of the stories (all linked below), here are the highlights:

Postseason or bust? Lurie refuses to reveal season expectations
Despite a potential franchise quarterback entering his second year, despite offseason acquisitions like Torrey Smith, Alshon Jeffery, Tim Jernigan and first-round pick Derek Barnett, and despite a roster that's so healthy all 53 guys practiced this week, Lurie refused to say he has postseason expectations for the 2017 Eagles.

"I see us as a team with an excellent blueprint, great opportunity, terrific direction, but we're in Year 2 of the plan," Lurie said.

Lurie: 'I have real, total confidence in Howie'
Howie Roseman's resume in seven years as Eagles general manager includes no playoff wins. It lists just two postseason appearances in his first six years as GM. It features 56 players drafted (not including this year), only three of whom have made a Pro Bowl (Jason Kelce, Nick Foles, Fletcher Cox).

That's enough for Lurie, who gave Howie Roseman a rousing vote of confidence Thursday in a rare meeting with the Philly media.

Lurie wants to host draft again, but Super Bowl a long shot
Jeff Lurie made it pretty clear he'd like for Philadelphia to host the NFL draft again. 

And he'd like to host a Super Bowl too — but he's far less optimistic about those chances. 

Is Colin Kaepernick is being blacklisted? 'It doesn't work that way'
Lurie refuted the notion that NFL teams are "blacklisting" free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick. At the same time, Lurie was either unable or unwilling to say whether the Eagles would have any interest in signing Kaepernick should quarterback become a need.

"I think the definition of 'blacklist' is some discussion amongst people to not hire or not approve or something like that," Lurie said. "I've never had a discussion with anybody.

"It doesn't work that way. There's no communication. We're very competitive against each other, the 32 owners. I don't reveal anything. They don't reveal anything. There's no discussion that ever takes place about any player. In my 23 years in the league, I've never heard any discussion of a player like that.

Lurie on continuing his ownership of Eagles: 'I'm obsessed with this thing'
After 23 years and zero championships, Lurie is as committed as ever to remaining the owner of the Eagles.

Lurie said Thursday that as his ownership tenure nears a quarter of a century, his passion for the position is higher than ever and he has never entertained any notion to sell the franchise.

"Oh my God, no," Lurie said in an interview following the press conference. "Not a chance on the planet. No. You can tell Wall Street forget about it."

Lurie 'would love' to bring back kelly green unis
Lurie revealed at the NFL owners meetings in March he would like to see kelly green reintroduced as an alternate colorway. The roadblock, Lurie revealed, is league rules currently forbid players from using multiple helmets, which means while the Eagles could go to kelly green pants and jerseys, they would be stuck with midnight green helmets.

Lurie reiterated on Thursday he wants to see the retro kelly green to make a return, and is actively trying to get the rule changed.

Lurie calls shots at Doug Pederson 'clickbait' and 'hot takes'
Doug Pederson might want to send Mike Lombardi a fruit basket. Because now everybody has come to Pederson's defense.

On Thursday, Eagles owner Lurie added himself to the growing list. 

"First of all, those comments, you guys call it clickbait or hot takes," Lurie said. "That's how I saw that."

Man vs. Math: How aggressive is Doug Pederson really?

Man vs. Math: How aggressive is Doug Pederson really?

Maybe Doug Pederson isn't as aggressive as we've all been led to believe. Maybe it is just all math. 

At least that was the point Eagles owner Jeff Lurie tried to make following Thursday's impromptu press conference on an assortment of topics. 

Unprompted, Lurie decided to bring up the point on his own during an interview following the press conference, possibly an attempt to further deflect criticism away from his second-year head coach. 

"Sometimes people try to critique coaches on fourth-down decisions and things like that," Lurie said. "I want to explain to you how those decisions are made because it should really take some of the burden off the criticism of any coach in the league. A lot of teams, ours is one, where it's all in the offseason done with mathematics. It's not based on any form of instinct. If it's going to be 50-50, 48-52, then a coach is going to have their instinctual predilection, right? 

"But what we found is there's been so many decisions over time that are too conservative for the odds of maximizing your chances to win that opportunity. I mean, you've seen certain coaches that are deemed more aggressive because the math leads them there."

Lurie went on to explain that many commentators on TV have adopted an approach that's too conservative and that has seeped into the minds of the public. So when a fan watching a game at home wonders why a coach is making an aggressive play call, it's often because math said so. 

Throughout this offseason, Pederson has continued to say he'll be just as aggressive in his second year, so it seems possible that the math makes him look more aggressive but he might be anyway. 

While the Eagles do apparently put a lot of stock into what their mathematicians have figured out, it's still up to Pederson during games. The head coach made sure everyone knew that on Friday. 

"I wouldn't say it's out of my hands," Pederson said. "I would say it's calculated a little bit. I would say there's also times where I just have to go on gut instinct, gut feel." 

According to Pederson, the Eagles have a 20-page document that goes through past scenarios that have come up over a period of years. 

But sometimes, Pederson still goes with his gut. 

How does he know when to do that? 

"Probably the times when you go for it, gut instinct, gut feel, is just how I feel like our offense is doing," he said. "We could be three or four or five run plays in a row and we get in that 4th-and-1, 4th-and-2 and I feel like we're in a good situation, I'm probably going to pull the trigger and go for it."