Gabe Kapler enjoys whiskey, working out, and the sound of trees

Gabe Kapler enjoys whiskey, working out, and the sound of trees

The Philadelphia Phillies made it official on Monday evening when they announced Gabe Kapler as the 54th manager in team history.

Most fans didn't know a ton about the new guy prior to the hiring. They know he's young at 42, handsome, in very good shape, and has very little actual managing experience.

Oh, and he has a lifestyle blog/website of sorts. Have you seen it? You have to see it.

You've likely heard he's an "outside the box thinker" and very into analytics and is extremely health conscious and into new age thinking. All things valued by Matt Klentak. You get a ton of that clicking around on his website which is titled

The most famous of blog posts he wrote, as captured by Deadspin years ago, was about his curious tip on what to use coconut oil for (uhh, Not Safe For Kids, I guess?).

There are plenty of eating tips, for instance, but you can eat healthily and still enjoy the best things in life, like whiskey.

"Drinking alcohol and training for performance and lean tissue are not mutually exclusive," Kapler wrote. "I’ll be sharing why whiskey, weight training, muscle building and fat burning can harmoniously exist."

So while your new Phillies manager may look like a Baywatch star, he still drinks whiskey just like a Philly fan. 

But it's not all food and exercise tips. There's also plenty of content on how to keep your mind right. One post, simply titled "Open" that talks about the beauty of nature in a unique way. It's amazing.

I have a tree right outside my bedroom.

It stands outside my window, its palms reaching meters from my bed. When it’s rainy and breezy, my tree is a percussion instrument. There’s only one on earth like it. A thousand tiny hands drumming and shaking; a symphony of one.

Each night, two paths present themselves to me. Sleep deeply and soundly by tightly sealing the window or leave it open to fully absorb the score, drifting in and out of rest until sunrise.

I never close it.

Imagine Charlie Manuel having a lifestyle blog and writing about a tree outside his bedroom. Now that I think about it, that would have been amazing.

So the Phillies have a fascinating dude running the club. It'll be curious to see how his personal lifestyle will impact the culture of the Phillies. Clearly, Klentak is hoping it rubs off.

Oh, and here he is dunking just because:

Ben Simmons asks: should Sixers bring back old school black jerseys?


Ben Simmons asks: should Sixers bring back old school black jerseys?

Does Ben Simmons know something we don't?

The Sixers have already unveiled their alternative jerseys for the 2017-18 season, including the retro "Spirit of 76" City Edition complete with Liberty Bell as well as the red Statement Edition look with scripted Sixers font.

But that didn't stop Simmons from polling his Twitter followers as to whether the team should bring back the old black jerseys from the Iverson era.

Fans were overwhelmingly supportive of bringing back the black -- myself not included. Almost 32,000 people voted in his poll with an 80-20 result favoring bringing them back.

Now the question becomes, was Ben used by the team to gauge fan interest for potentially bringing them back down the road? Or was he simply posting something he happened to be thinking about?

Here's what the NBA website says about the 1997-2009 era unis: 

1997-2009 - The Sixers unveiled a completely new look including the first major logo change since becoming the Philadelphia 76ers in August of 1963. In keeping with the traditional red and blue, the logo was “modernized” by adding silver, gold and black. For the first time in franchise history, the Sixers wore black uniforms on the road. Trimmed in red and gold, the jersey that features the word “SIXERS” on the front with white numbers trimmed in red on the back. At home, a white jersey features black numbers trimmed in red. Philadelphia added a hot new second road uniform combining the styles of the old and the new.

Joel Embiid: 'I don't think you want to try me'

USA Today Images

Joel Embiid: 'I don't think you want to try me'

We've seen it plenty and we love it.

Joel Embiid talking trash and trolling the opposition.

But is he ever concerned with possible payback?

It doesn't sound like he is, and for pretty decent reasons.

Embiid, entertaining us like always, explained those reasons beautifully on ESPN's Tuesday edition of "SC6."

Here was his answer:

Oh, no, I'm not worried about that. If those guys that want to get their feelings hurt, if they're not strong mentally, that's not my fault. I think when it comes down to it, and if we all got to square up, I mean, I'm 7-2 and I'm a big dude. I don't think you want to try me. And I'm African, too, so.

That's the whole point of playing basketball — having fun, go out there, have fun, kick someone's ass and just play basketball.

Not sure if Embiid will ever have to square up with an opposing player. He may have to look out for a big dunk when he's protecting the rim or some extra fire from the competition, but it's good to know he's ready to rumble if necessary.

For the video of Embiid on "SC6," you can watch it here, via The Athletic's Rich Hofmann.