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Markelle Fultz and Kevin Durant learned hesi pull-up jimbo from same guy

Kevin Durant's most recent sit down with Bill Simmons has produced some very entertaining basketball talk that included a couple of fun Sixers-related nuggets.

In part 1, KD mentioned being most excited to go up against Ben Simmons from this year's rookie class.

In part 2, Durant discusses Markelle Fultz's "hesi pull-up jimbo," a nickname for his jump shot move that will definitely come up more in the years to come. "Hesi" stands for hesitation.

Durant shares that the guy who taught Fultz the move also taught it to him back in the day.

"So you hesi with the left — when I seen Markelle Fultz do it, he hesi'd with left and didn't put it back down, he went straight into the shot; that's tough. The dude who taught him that taught me that. I know the hours of work he put in on that."

KD clarifies that the jimbo, or jimmie, is a jumper. Both Durant and Fultz hail from outside the Washington, DC area.

You'll get to know Fultz's move real well this coming season.

Listen for the Fultz segment around the 26:00 minute mark below: