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Tracking all of the Red Sox draft picks

Red Sox

The 2021 MLB Draft began Sunday with fireworks right off the bat.

Marcelo Mayer, a high school shortstop expected to be drafted No. 1 overall, fell to the Boston Red Sox at No. 4. The Pittsburgh Pirates opted to go with Louisville catcher Henry Davis instead, despite being linked to Mayer in seemingly every mock draft leading up to the event.

The Red Sox followed that pick with another high-upside selection in the second round, Florida outfielder Jud Fabian. The 20-year-old once was considered a potential top-five pick, but the swing-and-miss in his game caused his draft stock to slip. He notched 20 homers in 59 games for the Gators in 2021.

Boston has 20 total picks in the 2021 MLB Draft. Follow along with each selection below:

Round 1, Pick 4: Marcelo Mayer, SS, Eastlake HS (CA)

Round 2, Pick 40: Jud Fabian, OF, Florida

Round 3, Pick 75: Tyler McDonough, 2B, North Carolina State

Round 4, Pick 105: Elmer Rodriguez-Cruz, LHP, Leadership Christian Academy (PR)

Round 5, Pick 136: Nathan Hickey, C, Florida

Round 6, Pick 166: Daniel McElveny, UT, Bonita Vista HS (CA)

Round 7, Pick 196: Wyatt Olds, RHP, Oklahoma

Round 8, Pick 226: Hunter Dobbins, RHP, Texas Tech

Round 9, Pick 256: Tyler Miller, 3B, Auburn

Round 10, Pick 286: Matt Litwicki, RHP, Indiana

Round 11, Pick 316: Niko Kavadas, 1B, Notre Dame

Round 12, Pick 346: Christopher Troye, RHP, University of California-Santa Barbara


Round 13, Pick 376: Zach Ehrhard, SS, Wharton HS (FL)

Round 14, Pick 406: Jacob Webb, RHP, Miami University (OH)

Round 15, Pick 436: Payton Green, SS, Green Hope HS (NC)

Round 16, Pick 466: BJ Vela, 2B, Reedley College

Round 17, Pick 496: Luis Guerrero, RHP, Chipola College

Round 18, Pick 526: Phillip Sikes, OF, Texas Christian University

Round 19, Pick 556: Tyler Uberstine, RHP, Northwestern University

Round 20, Pick 586: Josh Hood, SS, University of Pennsylvania,