Red Sox

New York tabloids had a field day with Alex Cora's Red Sox departure

Red Sox

If you're looking for the definition of schadenfreude, just pick up a paper in New York on Wednesday morning.

The New York Yankees don't have any involvement with the Houston Astros' illegal sign-stealing operation that got Jeff Luhnow and A.J. Hinch fired and cost Alex Cora his job with the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday.

But considering Cora lost his job managing the Yankees' archrival due to a cheating scandal, the New York media jumped at the chance to rub salt in the wounds of Red Sox fans.

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Here's the back page of Wednesday's New York Daily News, which included digs at both Cora and the Red Sox:

And here's the New York Post's back page, which led with new Mets manager Carlos Beltran's potential implication in the sign-stealing scandal but made sure to rip Cora:

Newsday also led with Cora on their back page, meaning all three major New York tabloids featured Cora as headline news.

Aside from reveling in Cora's misfortune, Yankees fans likely will delight in two of their top American League competitors -- the Red Sox and Astros -- scrambling to find new managers ahead of the 2020 season.

As for Red Sox fans? Let's just say they woke up to headlines with a different tone Wednesday morning.