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Mookie Betts is having a great day so far. The Nationals: not so much

Mookie Betts

It’s only the end of the fourth in Fenway Park where the Nationals are facing the Red Sox in the latter’s home opener. But it’s already out of hand, with the Sox up 8-0.

A big part of that lead is that Jordan Zimmermann and the Nationals’ defense have been horrible. Like, cover your eyes bad, with Zimmermann hitting guys and struggling with command and the Nationals outfielders literally watching balls fall onto the grass right next to them.

But another big part of that is Red Sox’ center fielder Mookie Betts. All he has done is hit a three-run homer and knock in another run on an infield single. Oh, and he robbed Bryce Harper of a homer too. Watch:

[mlbvideo id="72056783" width="600" height="336" /]

[mlbvideo id="72030283" width="600" height="336" /]