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Schad speculates on coaching candidates

Joe Schad went on ESPN to speculate on potential coaches if Charlie Weis is replaced, and he might as well have gotten his information from the water cooler or from combing the message boards at NDNation.

Schad has quickly become a guy that has gotten plenty of scoops and was out in front of the Jimmy Clausen debacle pretty quickly, but I find this report pretty comical, and fairly representative of the work that ESPN has done when covering the CW hot seat.

Judge for yourself, but from my perspective, there isn’t one thing that Schad told us that is even close to new information and even close to having a kernel of fact behind it. ND possibly looking at Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops, and Jon Gruden? Hardly revelatory. Throwing in names like Jim Harbaugh and Pat Fitzgerald? Yawn. The front runner is Brian Kelly? You think?

This has been one of the more frustrating things I’ve witnessed as someone that’s followed Notre Dame closely for the last 10 years, and it’s pretty clear that Jack Swarbrick has kept a really tight lid on things... which is exactly what he’s supposed to do.

Schad’s just doing his job, which is probably to fill air time on the calamity in South Bend, but this is a far cry from journalism, and very clearly people just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks. Until I hear it Lou Holtz speculating on the new coach, I’m going to assume that nobody knows anything.