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Snake on the course! Aussie players discover deadly creature hiding in cup


Golf in Australia just hits different.

Tiger snakes in bunkers, massive pythons eating wallabies in the middle of the fairway, and now, a lethal red-bellied beast lurking in the cup.

That’s right, some golfers were just minding their business in Sydney last week when they discovered a deadly red-bellied black snake hiding in the hole on the second green.

Seeing as it’s currently summer Down Under, The Coast Golf and Recreation Club suspects the creature was simply seeking shelter from the scorching summer heat, not trying to mount a sneak attack on unsuspecting players.

The 4-foot-long “little fella” chilled in the cup as a few groups came through before slithering on to its next oasis. In exchange for their understanding, the club offered all golfers two putts to move on to the next hole.

While the red-bellied black snake’s venom is potentially deadly to humans, there have been no recorded human deaths by bite from this particular species in Australia.

Even so, we’ll stick to watching the video instead of meeting one of these guys in real life.