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Let us mostly ignore Truck Day

Bandit Truck

I gave up attaching any significance whatsoever to “Truck Day” last year when I realized that Boston’s version of it -- the alleged original about which people were angry that other teams were ripping off -- had corporate sponsorship. From an airline. Airplanes? When neither the “truck” nor the “day” part of it is organic, unique or even arguably sacred anymore it may as well be some baloney Hallmark holiday that should be ignored.

But I kind of like The Platoon Advantage’s take on Truck Day. They’re using it to celebrate the life and career of former Yankee Truck Hannah. Let’s see someone sponsor him.

Know what I could go for? Bus day. In which all of the team’s 40-man roster assemble at the ballpark and alight a Greyhound -- or a charter if they must -- and head to spring training. Fans can say goodbye to them like kids going off to camp or something. It’d be swell.