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NBA Playoffs: LeBron’s hurt elbow is a delightful joke

Make no mistake, LeBron’s elbow strain, while not serious, is pretty serious. Not necessarily in the degree of the injury, but certainly in its potential magnitude. The Orlando Magic are a tough out even for a fully healthy Cleveland team, and the Boston Celtics aren’t exactly slouching these days, either. That makes LeBron’s elbow an item of super serious interest, even if he only suffered a minor strain while shattering the hopes and dreams of the Chicago Bulls.

But LeBron James’ elbow’s Twitter account? Well that’s just jolly good fun. It’s the best place to get COMPLETELY 100% TRUE coverage of LeBron from an insider’s perspective, and where else are you going to read about James’ affinity for Ring Pops or what his doctors smell like?

How his elbow knows what doctors smell like is beyond me, but as far as I’m concerned, the MVP’s elbow is infallible. Except, y’know, for the strain and bone bruise thing.