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Nelson wants to coach Summer League

Don Nelson has treated this season like a high school senior treats his or her final two weeks of classes. He has admitted he is not coaching the players much, rather is “coaching the coaches,” he turned some game coaching duties over to Keith Smart, and he has mentally (and at times physically) checked out.

But now he’s talking about coaching Summer League, according to Matt Steinmetz at

“Oh, yeah,” Nelson responded when asked about the D-League callups learning new positions. “I’m even thinking about coaching the summer league this year just so I can put them in those (point) situations -- where they’re used to it going into training camp next year.”

Hmmm. This is the same Nelson who has been criticized for listlessness and general malaise? The same Nelson that a good chunk of Warriors fans would like to see not come back next season, thank you? Apparently so. But has he ever done it before?

“No,” Nelson said. “I don’t think I ever have coached a summer league game.”

Adrian Wojnarowski expressed my first reaction: “Who’s telling Nellie these don’t count toward (the) record?”

Nelson spends his summers in his Maui home, relaxing after the grind of the NBA season. It is 120 degrees during the day in Vegas in July, there is no way Nelson really wants to leave Maui for summer Vegas. No sane person does.

Then again, this all seems a moot discussion.