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Team Power and 3’s Company squared off in the Final in more ways than one, with the former eventually coming out on top, 51-43.
With Hayward back, coach Brad Stevens will need to find playing time for all of the top tier talent he has on the Celtics roster.
Vince Carter can’t say his 21st NBA season will be his last.
A tattoo shop says that they did not give permission for the art they had done on LeBron’s body to be licensed in the 2K video games.
Crawford ejected Duncan for laughing during a game in 2007.
The Sixers guard says the Clippers locker room had a passive aggressive nature to it.
LeBron James’ billion-dollar contract with Nike means we’ll continue to see the top signature shoe line from The King for quite some time.
Given that they were taken in the same draft in 2017, it’s likely they will always be paired together in the eyes of fans.
The Houston Rockets seem infinitely confident that adding Carmelo Anthony to their roster for the upcoming season will be a net positive.
Curry even went so far as to whack a pin on No. 8.
This isn’t weird at all. Nope. This is totally normal.
We got our first look at LeBron James in his new Los Angeles Lakers digs yesterday. They looked … sort of weird.
Orlando? New York? Los Angeles? Toronto? Several options are offered up.
Once again, LeBron gets to take on the Warriors. Can’t the man get some respite from Golden State?
The comparison between the two parties when it comes to public education is is factually and inarguably in LeBron’s favor.
Olshey is taking a serious gamble using the patience of his two stars as betting chips as he clock-watches the Warriors out West.
Fredette did play during the same time as Stephen Curry, so it’s hard to tell what he thinks the gap is.
Playing with the Cavaliers should offer Dekker an opportunity as they go into camp
Most of Durant’s advice was that Zaire should be more aggressive, and angle himself toward the tendencies of today’s modern NBA game.
Hopefully Embiid will make a full recovery from this vicious attack.
Plus the Wizards offered a multi-year deal over the minimum salary.
Adams said that it started out as a simple issue of a rookie big man learning not to foul so much, and evolved from there.