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Programming Note: HBT Mobile should be working now

Cell Phone

I’m a scared old man, so I don’t access the Internet via mobile devices. I’m told a person can lose their soul that way. But there are a lot of you who use such voodoo, apparently, and many of you have told me that HBT’s mobile feed -- or app, or subroutine, or happenstance or whatever it is -- has been on the fritz since we switched over to WordPress a couple of weeks ago. For that we offer our apologies.

But we also offer good news: it’s fixed now! At least that’s what the elves back in the workshop are telling me. And who knows? Maybe they’re lying. They know I don’t use the mobile stuff either, so they could simply be telling me what I want to hear. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve messed with me. Like last week then they told me it was the blog’s casual day and I spent all afternoon wearing Dockers while everyone else had dress clothes on.

But if you are one of those mobile users, please check it out now and let us know if it’s not back on track. We’ll forward any and all complaints to Information Retrieval, and I’m sure they’ll process it in short order.