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No, the Warriors are not going to trade Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson had his moments this season but overall he’s been good but not great, averaging 15.7 points a game, shooting a nice but not thrilling 36.1% from 3, and he is not near the same defender he was pre-injuries (understandably). All of which makes the Warriors and him reaching a deal on a contract extension tricky, what is he worth to the Warriors going forward? He’s taking a pay cut from the $43.2 million he’s making in the final season of his current deal, but what should the new number be?

From the outside, that sets up the scenario where a team trades an aging player to get something while they can. But would the 9-11 Warriors really consider trading one of their core stars? Zach Lowe of ESPN said no during his latest Lowe Post Podcast.

“I’ve had four executives from other teams in the last 72 hours asked me, ‘Would they ever trade Klay Thompson?’ And the reason they’re asking is because teams see somewhat of an opportunity there. In terms of, ‘Can we get involved in a deal? Would they have to attach an asset to trade Klay Thompson if they want to get meaningful win-now talent with multiple years left on their contract in exchange for Klay Thompson?...

“To be clear, the Warriors do not want to trade Klay Thompson. They have no desire to do it. I would bet heavily against it ever happening.”

The only way Thompson — or Stephen Curry, or probably Draymond Green — ever gets traded is if they demand it. It’s hard to imagine that happening. Curry and Green are locked up on new deals, but the Warriors are trying to work out a contract with Thompson while at the same time lowering their tax bill because of the punitive new second apron in the CBA. That’s a fine line.

The Warriors are ride-or-die this season with the core group that won them four rings (and that includes Steve Kerr). Internally, they believe if things just click right — including Andrew Wiggins playing better — they have a shot in a West where we know Denver will be elite, but who else in the West is a serious playoff threat to them? Golden State sees a path.

What happens with re-signing Thompson this summer will be interesting.