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Report: Rasheed Wallace to sign with Lakers


I expected this about as much as I expect a “Hangover 2" to win the Best Picture Oscar.

Rasheed Wallace is close to signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, reports A. Sherrod Blakely of

His return to action has been rumored for weeks, fueled by a decent showing at Pro-Am tournament in North Carolina this summer...’’

It only became heightened by, according to league sources, a renewed conditioning regimen that apparently has him looking better than he has “in years.”

When last we saw ‘Sheed he was probably the Celtics’ best player when they lost Game 7 of the 2010 NBA finals to the Lakers. That was the series where Kendrick Perkins blew out his knee and Wallace, forced into extra minutes, performed well.

The Lakers could use depth along the front line. They let Lamar Odom go to Dallas for just a trade exception and brought in Josh McRoberts, who has seen his shot attempts go down and his turnovers go up as he has struggled to fit into the Lakers offense.

Frankly the Lakers could use help everywhere — after Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum it is a steep drop off to the rest of the roster. Like Niagara Falls drop off.

It’s unclear how much Wallace as left in the tank, his last season he gave the Celtics 9 points per game in 22.5 minutes, shooting a good 53.4 percent. His three point shot had deserted him that season, but he still was a solid big man. The Lakers could get that.

But Metta World Peace and Wallace in he same locker room? That could get interesting.