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Your wallet trembles at second run of NHL Funko pop dolls


James OBrien

As stated when news of the first NHL set surfaced, Funko Pops! don’t quite hit my nerd buttons as much as they do for others. The duller ones look like non-profane “South Park” extras.

Oh, but even a non-believer can marvel at the figures that show extra personality/really capture the spirit of the personality they’re echoing.

So, that’s half the fun in picking favorites as the second edition was announced today.

Game 1: Which players can you make out from especially far away, like this tweet? Hint: most will probably guess the guy who was in this post’s main image.

Yep, the Brent Burns one is golden, especially since it opts for the “man bun” instead of the buns that showed up in ESPN’s “Body Issue.”

It’s remarkable how identifiable Brad Marchand’s eyebrows apparently are, too.

Personally, the highlight might just be Erik Karlsson and his “silent movie villain” look:


James OBrien

Anyway, it looks like fun stuff, especially if those figures are your jam. Or, really, even if they’re usually not.

(The minis might be too much for any human to resist.)