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Davidson’s SID has to change number as kids try to call Steph Curry

North Carolina State v Davidson

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Getty Images

June is suppose to be the slow month for college basketball SIDs, but for Davidson’s Joey Beeler, it’s been anything but.

And it’s all thanks to a Yahoo Answer from 2008.

You see, back when Stephen Curry was playing for Davidson, the best way to try and contact him -- at least for media types -- was to get in touch with the SID. That’s exactly what one woman was told when she posed the question during Curry’s sophomore season. The problem? It’s still a top result on search engines, which is why Curry’s rise to super-stardom has resulted in Beeler’s phone getting blown up.

The calls have been coming in since midway through the season, but the NBA Finals are where things have really gotten out of control. From the AP:

He said the calls have averaged about six to 10 per day until recent weeks, but have picked up dramatically since the start of the NBA Finals.

He had 19 requests for Curry on Friday and 23 on Monday, some of the voicemail messages being left at all hours of the day. He said there was hardly a day that went by in recent weeks when he wouldn’t pick up a phone and have someone on the other end ask ''Is this Steph Curry?’'

“I’d say 75 percent of them, the first question they ask is, ‘Is this Steph Curry?” Beeler told the Charlotte Observer.

It got to the point that Beeler had to change the number in his office. He can’t be too mad, however. Take a listen to what the kids had to say here. It’s adorable, actually.