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Hall of Fame: Griffey didn’t make it to 100%, but he is the all-time top vote-getter

As I argued earlier today, it doesn’t really matter if Ken Griffey Jr. -- or anyone else for that matter -- got 100% of the Hall of Fame vote. The Hall of Fame is a pass/fail test, with the bogie set at 75%. Beat that and you’re every bit the Hall of Famer everyone else is.

But vote totals are interesting to some, and those who take interest in it are likely quite pleased to see Griffey garner 99.3% of the vote, which is now the all-time high, passing Tom Seaver’s previous record of 98.84. Seaver is now bumped down to number two. Then comes Nolan Ryan with 98.79%, Cal Ripken with 98.53, Ty Cobb with 98.23% and George Brett with 98.19%. Beyond the top 6:

  • Hank Aaron: 97.8
  • Tony Gwynn: 97.6
  • Randy Johnson: 97.3
  • Greg Maddux: 97.2
  • Mike Schmidt: 96.5

How Willie Mays didn’t make the top 10 -- he was 16th before this year at 94.68% and is now 17th-- is a mystery and an atrocity, but we’ll leave that for another time. Go here for the all-time list through 2014. 2015’s inductees beyond old Randy Johnson up there are here.

Not bad, Junior. Not 100%, but not bad at all.

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