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Here are PHT’s first-round playoff predictions, featuring a virtual coin

Push. Fall. Rise. Repeat. Don't miss a moment of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs on NBC.

Once again in 2016, there’s no “Miracle on Manchester” potential in the NHL playoffs. The widest point discrepancy between first-round opponents is 24, between the Capitals and Flyers. Dallas and Minnesota, separated by 22 points, is the only other wide spread. In six out of the eight series, the discrepancy is seven points or fewer.

And that right there is our excuse, should we need one. First-round predictions in today’s NHL are hard.

With that in mind, we’d like to welcome Just Flip A Coin to this year’s proceedings. Last year, the 1972 Eisenhower Dollar went an impressive 11-4 and was thrown into the ocean for embarrassing the humans.

Washington Capitals versus Philadelphia Flyers

Brough: Caps in 7
Halford: Flyers in 7
O’Brien: Caps in 5
Dadoun: Caps in 6
Tucker: Caps in 6
Alfieri: Caps in 5
Just Flip A Coin: Flyers

Florida Panthers versus New York Islanders

Brough: Panthers in 7
Halford: Panthers in 6
O’Brien: Panthers in 6
Dadoun: Panthers in 6
Tucker: Panthers in 6
Alfieri: Panthers in 7
Just Flip A Coin: Panthers

Pittsburgh Penguins versus New York Rangers

Brough: Penguins in 7
Halford: Penguins in 7
O’Brien: Penguins in 6
Dadoun: Rangers in 6
Tucker: Penguins in 6
Alfieri: Penguins in 6
Just Flip A Coin: Rangers

Tampa Bay Lightning versus Detroit Red Wings

Brough: Wings in 6
Halford: Lightning in 6
O’Brien: Lightning in 7
Dadoun: Wings in 7
Tucker: Lightning in 7
Alfieri: Lightning in 7
Just Flip A Coin: Wings

Dallas Stars versus Minnesota Wild

Brough: Stars in 5
Halford: Stars in 6
O’Brien: Stars in 5
Dadoun: Stars in 6
Tucker: Stars in 5
Alfieri: Stars in 4
Just Flip A Coin: Stars

Anaheim Ducks versus Nashville Predators

Brough: Ducks in 5
Halford: Ducks in 6
O’Brien: Ducks in 6
Dadoun: Ducks in 5
Tucker: Ducks in 7
Alfieri: Ducks in 6
Just Flip A Coin: Predators

Chicago Blackhawks versus St. Louis Blues

Brough: Blues in 7
Halford: ‘Hawks in 6
O’Brien: Blues in 6
Dadoun: Hawks in 6
Tucker: Blues in 7
Alfieri: ‘Hawks in 7
Just Flip A Coin: ‘Hawks

Los Angeles Kings versus San Jose Sharks

Brough: Sharks in 6
Halford: Sharks in 7
O’Brien: Kings in 6
Dadoun: Sharks in 7
Tucker: Kings in 7
Alfieri: Kings in 7
Just Flip A Coin: Sharks