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Does Tiger Woods really not take divots? Scottie Scheffler: ‘Ask JT’


So, does Tiger Woods really not take divots? Or does he?

Scottie Scheffler appears to still be a little unsure of the answer.

Surely by now you’ve seen the viral TaylorMade video that shows Tiger Woods explaining to a befuddled Scheffler, who’s looking down at the clean patch of grass at Woods’ feet, how he doesn’t take divots when he’s “flushing it.” If not, here’s the exchange during a company-sponsored shoot:

Scheffler: “Hey, what’s up with the no divots?”

Woods: “What?”

Scheffler: “No divots.”

Woods: “Why do you take a divot?”

Scheffler: “I don’t know, I’m asking you.”

Woods: “Just picking it.”

Scheffler: “Do you do that always when you warm up?

Woods: “When I’m swinging well, I don’t take divots.”

Scheffler: “Have you always been like that, or are you just practicing?”

Woods: “No, when I’m flushing it, I don’t take divots. It just is what it is. It is what is.”

On Thursday after Scheffler shot 3-under 67, he was asked about the video. First, a reporter playfully inquired whether Woods had inspired Scheffler to rethink his divot-taking strategy.

“No,” Scheffler said.

A second question followed: Are you surprised at how much people have gotten a kick out of that video?

“I haven’t actually watched it, but I do remember that day,” Scheffler said. “That was one of the first things we did that day, so I was just trying to wake up. I look over, and he hadn’t made any divots, and I was, like, a little bit confused. So the look on my face probably said it all. But I don’t know, I think he was doing some sort of drill or something like that and maybe didn’t want to tell me because the cameras were on.

“Who knows? Maybe he really doesn’t take divots. Ask JT.”

The mystery continues...