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Chris Anderson and a mysterious gold object

During Thursday night’s Nuggets-Blazers game, Chris Anderson went down with a twisted ankle. As the trainers went to have a look at him, a gold object fell onto Birdman’s mouth, and he spit it out. There was immediately speculation as to what the gold object was. Leading theories included:

-A ring

-A collector’s coin

-A Sacagawea dollar

-Via YouTube comments, a type of compression coin, similar to what boxing trainers use to reduce swelling.

According to TrueHoop, the Nuggets media relations department has explained that the object in question was an “NBA Green Week” pin that fell off of Jim Gillen’s lapel as he was tending to Anderson. If you look at the picture on top of the TrueHoop article, you can actually see the pin on the lapel in question. Just one of those fun little mysteries that makes the NBA that much more intriguing.