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Colangelo would consider running the Nets

Jerry Colangelo -- the guy currently putting together Team USA and biggest front office free agent on the market -- would consider running the Nets or any other NBA franchise. But there are strings.

That starts with having full and total control -- which is not so much a string as a demand.

“I would have to have full autonomy,” Colangelo told the Daily News. “I’m not looking to become a general manager. But if the right job came along I’d be willing to talk to anyone. Life is all about opportunities.”

Incoming Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, what little we know about him (really) may or may not be a hands-off, let-the-man-do-his-job kind of guy, so how this relationship would work remains to be seen. Plus, the Daily News article goes on to speculate about Colangelo bringing in Mike Krzyzewski from Duke as coach, even though Coach K made jokes about that idea over the weekend.

But with the way the Nets season has unfolded, Coach K is the only real hope New Jersey has to luring one or two of the big three free agents -- LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh -- to town. The pitch is they would be coming to Brooklyn and have a great roster around them in a couple years.

Still not going to happen, those guys aren’t coming when they have better options today. But if the Nets could get Colangelo -- then they stayed out of his way -- that itself would be a huge free agent signing that would brighten the future of the franchise.