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Kevin Durant is going to spend this week talking acting


It’s “Thunderstruck” week!!

This coming weekend Kevin Durant’s movie “Thunderstruck” hits the theaters nationwide. So rather than spending this week recovering from his gold medal trip to London and getting in a little run with teammates, he is going to be walking the red carpet and doing the movie promotion thing.

The movie’s premise isn’t exactly novel — somehow a small white kid in Oklahoma City is transferred Kevin Durant’s skills through a magic ball. Then much hilarity ensues, followed by a touching ending where everybody learned something. I’m guessing. I haven’t seen it, but I feel pretty safe with that prediction after seeing the trailer.

So what was the hardest part of all this? Here is what Durant told the Oklahoman.

Q: Heard you had some trouble deliberately missing shots.

A: “You guys know me, every time I get out on a court I try to get a little better. I was out there making a few shots, but once they yelled ‘action’ I had to miss. It’s difficult to try to miss shots after so many years of trying to make them, but I figured it out. It worked out well.”

It’s acting. He just needed to focus and find his inner Austin Daye and the missed jumpers would come naturally.

Durant also said that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant didn’t give him too much guff in the locker room because of the movie. That’s probably because they haven’t seen it yet.