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Kevin Durant: Thunder would’ve ‘beat the hell out of’ Reggie Jackson’s Pistons if I, Serge Ibaka played

Lakers reporter Mike Bresnahan discusses how the team may attack the offseason and the possibility of landing Kevin Durant.

Russell Westbrook called Reggie Jackson’s celebration at the end of the Pistons win over the Thunder on Tuesday “some real bullshit.”

Unsurprisingly, Kevin Durant – who sat out the game with Serge Ibaka to rest – sided with Westbrook over their former teammate.

The only unexpected turn is the level of Durant’s anti-Jackson conviction.

Erik Horne of The Oklahoman:


It was bush league, in my opinion. Jumping up and down, running around. I understand that you’re happy you won the game, but our whole team didn’t play. We’d beat the hell out of them if we did. I normally won’t talk like that, but that pissed me off. But what can I do about it? Some guys are who they are.

Would the Thunder have beaten Detroit with Durant and Ibaka? Probably. They’re the better team when at full strength.

But the Pistons have played well lately, and they were at home. It’s not a lock.

A certainty: Westbrook and Durant resent how Jackson left Oklahoma City.

The Thunder were looking for a reason to be mad at Jackson, and he provided one with a celebration that would’ve been a non-issue against any other team. Was Jackson rubbing it in? Of course. This is is personal for him, too. But the Pistons are in a playoff race, and their wins are significant enough to celebrate.

Mostly, I’m just glad this feud exists. It should make the next Thunder-Pistons game more fun.