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Report: Cavaliers not interested in Carmelo Anthony. Why would they be?

The Knicks have reached out to several teams in regards to trading Carmelo Anthony, but it looks like he may stick around in New York through the season.

For the past week, this particular topic of conversation has felt like the current national political discourse: No amount of logic or facts will quell the rumor.

That rumor is that the Cavaliers would be willing to trade Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony.

Yes, LeBron James wants Cleveland to add another playmaker. Yes, Anthony can create shots for himself and get a team buckets. Yes, one of Phil Jackson’s confidant’s write Anthony would waive his no-trade clause to go to Cleveland, Yes, LeBron and Anthony are good friends. However, what LeBron really wants is to win titles in the next few years and 28-year-old and at his peak Love gets the Cavs much closer to that than 33-year-old and declining, ball-stopping Anthony — and LeBron is smart enough to know that.

I honestly don’t even know how this got to be a rumor with legs. Love is a better player right now — particularly on the defensive end, where Anthony has dropped off and Love can fit in a team system. Love is five years younger and a few million less expensive (remember, the Cavs already have the highest payroll in the NBA). Love and Anthony are about equally good shooters. Plus, Love has already adjusted to playing next to LeBron and how to fit within that offense — you think Anthony will blend in smoothly working off the ball and being expected to move it quickly rather than pound the rock and survey the defense? This trade has never made any sense for Cleveland, it only lives in the fevered fantasies of some Knicks fans and people trying to just generate eyeballs online.

Can we just kill it now? The Cavs would never make this move. LeBron is too smart to want it.

Same thing goes for anyone entertaining the Anthony for Blake Griffin dream. Let it go.