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Bettman: ‘we probably do better than the Dow’

Gary Bettman at the NYSE

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, along with the Stanley Cup, made a trip to the New York Stock Exchange on Friday.

Per CNBC, Bettman took the opportunity to talk up the league’s attendance and TV ratings following a lockout that many predicted would hurt business badly.

“We’ve got great players, a great game, and the best sports fans in the world,” said Bettman, who also cited the NHL’s “incredible competitive balance” that provides numerous teams with a chance to win the Cup.

And in a pitch the commissioner has likely used before, he also referenced the dramatic rise in franchise values that has occurred in recent years.

“For most sports teams we probably do better than the Dow,” said Bettman, “It’s a good, stable investment.”

That said, money isn’t the only thing that drives NHL owners.

“On a cash-flow basis, there are probably other things you can do, cash-on-cash return, that would be annually better,” Bettman acknowledged.

“You do it because you love the game, and you love the community.”