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Philly car vandal found via Facebook

You might recall back on Tuesday when we told you about how Montreal Gazette reporter Pat Hickey had his car vandalized in Philadelphia helping to fulfill every awful stereotype Philly fans are labeled with. As it turns out, the Philly fan who did this was found out thanks to a very modern and historically stupid means.

They were discovered via Facebook.

Hickey believed he found on Facebook the person who allegedly vandalized his car - and that the person was displaying his Quebec license plate that was stolen. Hickey did not identify the culprit but according to Flyers team source, Dan Flannery was the person bragging about damaging Hickey’s car on Facebook.

As it turns out, Flannery is just the guy that knows the guy that did it. Forgive us if we say we’ve heard a story like this before. Flannery, however stresses that it is, indeed, the case.

“It thought it was funny but now it’s started getting out of control so I said, ‘Wait a minute,’” Flannery said.

Flannery is a Flyers fan but says he was not at the game at the Wachovia Center the night Hickey’s car was vandalized and the Quebec license plate was stolen.

Flannery said a friend alerted him to a news report that linked him to the car vandalizing. “It said they found the person that did it but they really didn’t because it wasn’t me.”

He admitted he posted a photo of Hickey’s license plate on his Facebook page, but said he did not vandalize the car. “I know who did it,” he said. He would not be specific and said he planned to call the police this afternoon.

Flannery said he received a call at work from “a French Canadian who was cursing me out,” and that he wants to clear his name. “They think I did it because the post was linked to me,” he said, “but I didn’t do it.”

Are we sure this isn’t all just a rogue sketch for the show “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” gone horribly wrong? If it turns out the culprit in this whole thing is named “Charlie” the next question I ask is for the whereabouts of Danny DeVito the night of the game.

It wouldn’t make for the first “It’s Always Sunny” reference we’ve seen in the playoffs after all. We know the Green Men don’t have anything to do with this, unless they’re really bent out of shape over how Vancouver bowed out of the playoffs and are seeking revenge on Montreal in any way possible.