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PHT’s Round 1 picks, featuring The Coin


Welcome to another year of Stanley Cup predictions. Before we get into this, a disclaimer -- as Brough wrote last week, there really aren’t any first-round upsets anymore, so don’t be mean when our predictions are completely wrong.

With that out of the way, let’s introduce this year’s PHT staff: Me, Brough, Ryan Dadoun, James O’Brien, Cam Tucker, Dhiren Mahiban and... THE COIN.

The Coin is a 1972 Eisenhower Dollar, with one side featuring the 34th President of the United States and the other picturing the Apollo 11 mission insignia, as pictured here:


We assigned the higher seed in each series to Eisenhower’s head, and the lower seed to Apollo 11.

And then we flipped The Coin.

(Note: Because it’s an inanimate object, The Coin was unable to pick the number of games.)

Western Conference

Anaheim vs. Winnipeg

Halford: Jets in 7

Brough: Ducks in 7

Dadoun: Ducks in 5

O’Brien: Jets in 6

Tucker: Jets in 7

Mahiban: Jets in 7

Coin: Ducks

St. Louis vs. Minnesota

Halford: Blues in 7

Brough: Blues in 7

Dadoun: Blues in 6

O’Brien: Blues in 5

Tucker: Wild in 6

Mahiban: Blues in 6

Coin: Wild

Nashville vs. Chicago

Halford: ‘Hawks in 5

Brough: ‘Hawks in 6

Dadoun: ‘Hawks in 6

O’Brien: ‘Hawks in 7

Tucker: ‘Hawks in 6

Mahiban: ‘Hawks in 5

Coin: Preds

Vancouver vs. Calgary

Halford: Canucks in 6

Brough: Canucks in 7

Dadoun: Canucks in 7

O’Brien: Canucks in 5

Tucker: Canucks in 7

Mahiban: Flames in 7

Coin: Flames

Eastern Conference

New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh

Halford: Rangers in 6

Brough: Rangers in 6

Dadoun: Rangers in 6

O’Brien: Rangers in 7

Tucker: Rangers in 5

Mahiban: Rangers in 4

Coin: Rangers

Montreal vs. Ottawa

Halford: Sens in 7

Brough: Sens in 6

Dadoun: Habs in 6

O’Brien: Habs in 5

Tucker: Sens in 6

Mahiban: Sens in 6

Coin: Habs

Tampa Bay vs. Detroit

Halford: Red Wings in 7

Brough: Lightning in 5

Dadoun: Lightning in 5

O’Brien: Lightning in 6

Tucker: Lightning in 6

Mahiban: Lightning in 5

Coin: Red Wings

Washington vs. New York Islanders

Halford: Capitals in 6

Brough: Capitals in 7

Dadoun: Capitals in 6

O’Brien: Capitals in 6

Tucker: Capitals in 7

Mahiban: Capitals in 6

Coin: Capitals

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