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Tkachuk brothers Brady and Matthew are the ones getting trolled lately

Liam McHugh, Keith Jones and Patrick Sharp discuss Pierre-Luc Dubois and if there are any concerns that the Columbus fallout will carry over to Winnipeg, as well as how he can do serious damage with his new team.

Considering how often teams in the All-Canadian North Division face each other this season, it’s no surprise that people expected all sorts of mayhem from Matthew Tkachuk. Others wondered if Matthew Tkachuk would only be rivaled by his comparably infuriating brother, Brady.

Well, yes, Matthew and Brady Tkachuk sure keep making friends.

The interesting wrinkle is that, during the past few exchanges, the Tkachuk brothers have been getting trolled just as much as they’ve been pestering opponents. And the results?

Yep, it’s mostly been very funny.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights, lowlights, and fights for Brady and Matthew Tkachuk lately.

Matthew Tkachuk’s “classic” fall on Jack Campbell

Opening things up, we have some antics where Matthew Tkachuk denies wrongdoing, someone gets hurt, and many get mad. In other words, business as usual.

During a scrum, Tkachuk fell onto Maple Leafs goalie Jack Campbell, who is now out “weeks” with a leg injury. (Tkachuk’s fall didn’t necessarily cause that specific injury for Campbell.)

After the game, Matthew Tkachuk deemed claims about intent to injure “classic.”

“I’d like to say no, but yes, I get very surprised at some things that come out of peoples’ mouths these days,” Matthew Tkachuk said, via Sportsnet’s Eric Francis’ transcription. “It’s a good thing I don’t listen to it. I just get asked about it from other people. Thank God I don’t go on my phone too much after games, otherwise It would drive me crazy. I know my parents do and it drives them crazy. It’s just classic.”

(Imagining Keith Tkachuk grumbling and shaking his head at the many things Brady and Matthew are up to? Yep, that’s one of the many comedic gifts from the Tkachuk brothers.)

Innocent or guilty, Matthew Tkachuk irritated many regarding that scrum around Jack Campbell, and just as a force of habit, really. In the life of a hockey pest, sometimes you end up on the wrong end of things, though.

For the record, the Maple Leafs won Sunday’s game against the Flames 3-2.

Muzzin flips a puck at Matthew Tkachuk; Tkachuk flips out

In a funny and schadenfreude-packed moment, Jake Muzzin flipped a puck at Matthew Tkachuk after the Maple Leafs beat Tkachuk’s Flames 4-3 on Tuesday, prompting Matthew to absolutely flip out.

Honestly, even most Flames fans should admit that Tkachuk’s tantrum was funny and glorious.

As this week progresses, the Flames keep losing, and Tkachuk’s frustrations keep boiling over. The Canadiens beat the Flames 4-2 on Thursday, and Ben Chiarot got the better of Matthew:

Brady Tkachuk does not get the last laugh at the Canucks

There was some “angry gamer punches a hole in a wall” energy to Matthew Tkachuk’s tantrum after the Muzzin puck flip, and Brady channeled that frustration in his own meltdown.

Watch as Jay Beagle heckles Brady Tkachuk in a big way, and Tkachuk risks injuring himself in anger.

Tkachuk brothers: on the wrong side of trolling?

It all feels a lot like that ill-fated family “O’Doyle rules"-ing off a cliff.

  • During this tough week, the Flames lost three in a row, falling to a 2-3-1 on the season. Matthew Tkachuk only has a goal and zero assists in his last four games.
  • After upsetting the Maple Leafs in their season opener, the Senators are now 1-6-1. On most nights, Brady Tkachuk ranks among the bright spots for Ottawa. Maybe the frustration is eating at him, too, being that he’s been limited to two points (1G, 1A) in his past five games.

Ideally, for Brady and Matthew Tkachuk, they’re antagonizing opponents into taking bad penalties, then helping their team score game-winning daggers on the power play.

When you zoom out, it’s clear that they’re clearly both still very effective. Both at scoring, and agitating.

Part of what makes the Tkachuk brothers -- and other, rare star pests like Brad Marchand -- so aggravating is that they’re both so good. Opponents must feel unnerved noting that there’s not much (if any) drop-off from Matthew Tkachuk to brother Brady.

So, for those who feel less bemused and more besmirched by Brady and Matthew Tkachuk, this has been a mostly glorious week.

Also, if you’re waiting for Tkachuk vs. Tkachuk brotherly love, the Senators and Flames aren’t scheduled to face off until Feb. 25. Good thing they don’t need each other to generate must-watch-while-cringing content.

James O’Brien is a writer for Pro Hockey Talk on NBC Sports. Drop him a line at or follow him on Twitter @cyclelikesedins.