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Your moment of not-zen: Jobing.Com Arena attendance tonight


Listen, we know the Phoenix Coyotes are having their problems finding an owner, and they’ve had their issues with getting fans in Glendale and Phoenix to fall in love with the team but sometimes you just need to take a look at things for what they are.

Tonight marks the Coyotes second home game of the year (at least one played in Arizona, they played one in Prague as the “home” team) and here are shots from inside Arena courtesy of the Arizona Republic’s Sarah McLellan. The first one comes from 20 minutes before the puck was dropped for the Coyotes game against Los Angeles.


This second one comes during the second period of play just to show you we’re not being dishonest with you.


Again, I know the Coyotes have their issues and getting a solid owner in place to provide stability will help things out, but fans... You’ve got to at least act like you care a little bit. Helene Elliott of the LA Times tweeted her thoughts on the crowd to hammer the point home.

i have covered hockey for many years in many cities in many climates. i have never seen as small a crowd as in Arena tonite.

Coyotes fans get very sensitive about getting picked on about not caring and are very sensitive to talk about moving the team, but this does nothing to help keep the vultures away nor quiet the critics. Put up or shut up, Arizona.

UPDATE: Announced attendance at tonight’s game: 6,706. That’s the paid attendance, mind you. That doesn’t mean there were 6,706 people actually there and from the sounds of it, the actual attendance may have been closer to 5,000. Let the hawks commence circling once again.