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We’ve raised our game at

Editor’s note: Turns out I need an editor. I was completely remiss in not mentioning Ken Davis, our resident expert and college hoops columnist for the past five seasons. Never, never take people like Ken for granted.

Best way to thrive? Surround yourself with good people.

Why else would we have Dave Ommen as our bracketologist and Rob Dauster blogging? They’re two of the best out there.

Time to go three-for-three. David Hess, the brains behind The Audacity of Hoops, joins the club at Yay us! (You oughta see the T-shirts.)

He’ll be writing columns the rest of the season, featuring his usual mix of tempo-free stat analysis, calm reasoning and always handy charts. His first effort focuses on Purdue and how the Boilermakers are thriving without Robbie Hummel.

(You know, because some of us thought they’d struggle. This is why preseason rankings, while fun to argue about, are essentially useless.)

So welcome David to the fold. And check out The Audacity of Hoops if you haven’t already. His latest project there focuses on defensive stats, something sorely lacking in college hoops.

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