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Boras is “in the process” of turning his attention to Johnny Damon

I’ve openly questioned how Scott Boras can truly claim to represent Johnny Damon’s interests when he has a much more important free agent client -- Matt Holliday -- who plays the same position and would likely be in the running to land with the same teams.

Today Boras was on Jim Bowden’s show over at SiriusXM, and he basically admitted that he can’t. When asked what options Johnny Damon had out there right now, he said this:

“Well, I think the market now after Matt [Holliday] has signed and Jason Bay has signed is starting to come alive because obviously teams are, some of the teams that were interested in those players have been contacting us. And I am in the process right now of turning my attention to Johnny’s situation.”

“In the process of turning my attention to Johnny’s situation?” How could his attention not have been on Johnny’s situation before now? The past two months have seen Damon’s market crater. How nice it would have been for him if he had managed to, you know, catch his agent’s attention before today.